Etas Village

Back in October Cindy and I began a group Bible study out in the village of Etas. We would drive 20 minutes out of town every week to the village of Etas where we would conduct a Bible study from 5pm to 9pm. Average attendance was around eight people and we always had good questions fired at us. Morris, a Christian from Eton village, went with us nearly ever week and assisted us in our teaching.

We set up this study after meeting Sam and Leimawa Tabaua (pronounced Ta-bow-ah). They invited us to come to their village and teach them and their family concerning the Bible. We, of course, were glad to do so and our studies began.

From the start I could tell that Sam and Leimawa were special people. Sam was very analytical and thoughtfully digested our studies while Leimawa was always cheerful and glad to hear the Bible teaching. This couple introduced us to Sam’s uncle, Pbles (pronounced Bless) and his wife Ruth. We began our studies at first with Sam and Leimawa but not long after it grew to include Pbles and Ruth as well as many visitors from the community.

After weeks of study a key lesson on the topic of baptism began to open their eyes. Pbles in particular, who was baptized as a baby into the Catholic church, began asking about being baptized. After a few more studies on baptism and the church, Pbles, Ruth, Sam and Leimawa all indicated that they wanted to be baptized.

January 4th was the day that, after weeks of studying, the conclusive decision was made that these four souls were going to be joined with Christ through the waters of baptism. On this Wednesday afternoon we headed out to the village to hold our study as usual. This time, however, was going to be different as four souls were ready to commit to Christ.

We all piled into the truck and drove 15 minutes to the ocean. Morris changed clothes and individually took the confession of Sam, Leimawa, Pbles and Ruth as they proclaimed their belief in Jesus Christ as the Son of God who died on the cross for their sins. Morris then waded down into the ocean and proceeded to baptize each of them for the forgiveness of their sins. Truly the angels in heaven were rejoicing four-fold on this great and glorious day (Luke 15:7, 10).


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 Sam and Leimawa's extended Sam and Aaron one Wednesday
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Aaron, Sam and Pbles on Pbles, Ruth, Cindy, Leimawa and