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A Shelter in Etas Village

Our work in Etas has been going very well. Since the four (Sam, Leimawa, Pbles, Ruth) from Etas village were baptized on January 4th, they have been meeting with the congregation here in Port Vila. This consists of my getting up early on Sunday and driving 15 minutes out of Port Vila to Etas village. Then the four Christians, their kids, and any friends or family who want to come all pile in the truck and we head back to Vila.

It has always been our priority to train and equip the Christians here in Vanuatu to be self sufficient. Our goal for Etas since the group there became Christians was to work with them to feel comfortable with leading worship on their own. In the beginning, Sam and Pbles would just help pass out the Lord’s Supper and the collection basket. Slowly they have developed into more active roles in the congregation. This group has been coming to Vila for months now to understand and to recognize worship which is found in the Bible. As they are now growing in their spiritual lives, they are ready to begin worshipping in Etas.

On March 20th, Eric, Morris and Aaron went to Etas to help them build a shelter in which they could meet. Pbles agreed to let us build the shelter on the land at his house. Sam donated some strong wooden posts that we could use to build the shelter and some Christians from Epau village donated some bamboo. We put the posts in the ground and fastened the bamboo across the top of the posts to make an arched roof. We then secured a large tarp across the top of the bamboo and within the day we had constructed a 16’ x 24’ meeting shelter.

Our plan is to begin meeting in this shelter on April 9th. Some work has yet to be done to landscape the area and to build seats, but work is moving forward nicely. For now, Aaron will probably go to Etas each week to help them with their worship. While they know how to lead singing, pray and pass out the Lord’s Supper, conduct the giving and prayers, they still have a long way to go to be at the point where they are comfortable with preaching. In the near future we will have members from the Port Vila congregation leading worship in Etas and working to train them how to preach and teach. Until then, we will be working closely with these young Christians to feed them “milk” until they are ready for “meat.”

Please pray for this newly established congregation and these young Christians to grow up in Christ. Please also pray for us as we work to encourage and train them. Praise be to God that He has seen fit to give this increase in His kingdom and that He has allowed us to work in this ministry.