Preaching in the Park

Our team decided that the best way to spread the message of the Gospel is to go where the people are. I mean, this is not rocket science, but it is following the same pattern that Jesus set. He did not seclude Himself from others and keep His message quiet. Rather, He sought out public places in which He could preach the good news of the Kingdom. In the same manner, our preaching in the park was designed to reach out to the public and seek to bring the lost to Christ.

On Friday, July 1st , we decided that the best way to spread the message about Christ and our upcoming Good News Meeting was to preach where the people are. Mike was able to rent the pavilion located next to the market. This was the perfect spot for preaching since many people in Vila are either going or coming to the market. Eric was able to rent sound equipment so the message could be heard and all was set.

Our program for preaching was to have Wayne Burger, a preacher for the Columbine church of Christ and instructor at Bear Valley, and Ken Smith, a Christian from Alaska, preach the Word. In addition to these two fine Gospel preachers, Aaron Baker, Eddie Karris, and Morris Felix also preached very good lessons. While Wayne and Ken preached in English, Aaron, Eddie, and Morris all preached in Bislama. The reception was tremendous!

We began preaching at 11:30 AM and went until about 2:30 PM. As Biblical lessons were being preached, many people would stop and listen on their way to the market, to lunch, or to rest in the park. As the speaker would talk, the rest of our group would wander through the crowd and pass out fliers promoting our upcoming seminar on the topic of “The Holy Spirit.” In addition, we were able to talk with several in the audience about questions they had regarding our message and literally study on the spot with several people.

As a result of this preaching, many listeners came to our seminar and said that they heard us in the park. People asked over and over, “When will you be back to preach in the park?” The problem in Vanuatu is that many people simply do not come into contact with the truth of the Bible. Sure they go to church, but it is usually filled with stories by the preacher and “Hallelujahs” by the audience. Such poor preaching leaves the listener with a thirst that can only be quenched by preaching the righteous Word of God.

Needless to say, our team saw the tremendous success of such preaching in a public place. Our plans are to continue this each month as the demand and need for Bible-based preaching is paramount here in Vanuatu.