Port Vila - Good News Meeting

The gospel message is the heart of any mission work. Here in Vanuatu the message of truth is scarce to say the least. So, to help the cause of advancing the true gospel message, we organized and put on a three day Gospel Meeting. The meeting coincided with the arrival of our friends from the United States, Wayne Burger and Ken Smith, who would preach the meeting. Our topic was the work of the Holy Spirit. There are many views of the Holy Spirit here in Port Vila and we wanted to bring truth to light concerning the third member of the Godhead. The team hung up signs, handed out flyers on the streets, and had 5 radio ads to promote the meeting. The topics preached at the meeting were as follows

Tuesday, July 5th:

  • Who is the Holy Spirit? - Ken Smith
  • The Holy Spirit and Revelation of God’s Word- Wayne Burger

Wednesday, July 6th:

  • The Baptism and Indwelling of the Holy Spirit- Ken Smith
  • The Holy Spirit and Miracles- Wayne Burger

Thursday, July 7th:

  • What the Holy Spirit says about the Church- Eric Brandell
  • What the Holy Spirit says about Salvation- Ken Smith

The meeting started with an overview of the nature, person and work of the Holy Spirit by Ken, followed by Wayne’s lesson which guided the listener through the 14th, 15th, 16th, and 17th chapters of John. Wayne showed that there were many promises regarding the Holy Spirit which were given to the apostles only. These promises were fulliflled when the apostles used utilized God's Word to build the church and write the Bible. Today. we hold that precious word in our hands and no longer need God to reveal His word. Attendance for night one:

  • Brethren - 34
  • Visitors - 14
  • Total - 48

Night two held the two big messages for the meeting. Belief in miracles and Holy Spirit baptism are common in Vanuatu. Many Pentecostal groups have a large following, and the Trinity Broadcasting Network (Benny Hinn, etc) has a huge influence on churches here. I felt that this would be the most well attended night by visitors but it turned out that it was not. The people who did come were treated to great lessons and asked many questions afterward. Ken showed that Holy Spirit baptism is a thing of the past and what we have today is the baptism of the great commission; immersion in water for the forgiveness of sins. Wayne gave the crowd an extensive outline handout and followed it throughout his lesson which helped all in the audience grasp this most important topic. Miracles helped the infant church grow, but now that the Bible is complete they are no longer needed. People need to learn this simple message. Attendance for night two:

  • Brethren - 20 (3 brethren were able to come who were not there the night before)
  • Visitors - 10 (7 of whom were not in attendance the night before)
  • Total - 30

Night three held the evangelistic message for the meeting. By this time we had people bringing other people because they felt the lessons were so good. They came at the right time as Eric and Ken gave two powerful messages of truth in connection with the church and salvation. The Holy Spirit, as the author of the Bible, has much to tell us about these two subjects. Eric Brandell filled in for Wayne who had to return early to the States due to Weezie’s accident and impending surgery. Eric preached in Bislama about the importance and characteristics of the one New Testament church. Ken followed with a systematic look at salvation; what does not save and what does save. He ended with the specifics of God’s wonderful salvation and that we should not be swayed by the traditions of family or the words of a church, rather that we should only look intently at what the Bible teaches. This is a message that got many people thinking and several committed to coming to worship with us on Sunday. Further, there were five people who wanted to study the Bible with us one on one. Members of the mission team have already begun to study with those who attended the meeting. Attendance for night three:

  • Brethren - 31
  • Visitor - 8 (3 of whom had not come before)
  • Total - 39

The biggest challenge the mission team faces is to get the name and message of Christ’s true, blood bought church out to the people of a denominationally-influenced culture. This will be accomplished one step at a time. We firmly believe that this meeting will bear much fruit for the Lord’s body. The mission team thanks you for your prayers on our behalf and we ask for your continued support through petitioning the Most High God.