Yoland - 3 June 2005
Leisande - 5 June 2005
Willie Joe - 17 June
Flexon & Daniel - 21
Alsen - 7 August 2005
Donnald - 7 August 2005
Bob - 26 November 2005
Patrick & Ruth - 10
Josephina - 18 December 2005
Sam, Leimawa, Pbles
Fiona & Joana - 5
Merriam - 18 March 2006
Patrick - 21 March 2006
Timothy - 5 April 2006
Wallace - 19 April 2006
Woi - 20 April 2006
Selina - 23 April 2006
Morten - 23 April 2006
Kalmeier - 23 April 2006
conversions in vanuaTU

It is our desire to "make disciples of all the nations" as commanded by Jesus in Matthew 28:18-20. We read of the establishment and initial 30 years of the church of Christ in the book of Acts. Therein we read of the conversion of many souls. The process of making disciples was laid down by Jesus in Matthew 28 ("baptizing and teaching") and was demonstrated throughout Acts. After preaching the first gospel sermon, the Jews listenening to Peter felt a great sense of guilt and cried out, "what shall we do" (Acts 2:37). Peter's inspired response was clear and concise - "repent and be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the foregiveness of your sins..." Those who obeyed this teaching were added to the church of Christ that day (2:41, 47) and from that point until today, men and women are being added to the Lord's church in just the same way. For more examples of biblical conversions, see Acts 8:12-13; 8:35-38; 10:48; 16:14-15; 16:31-33; 18:8; 19:5; 22:16 and consider the steps those led by Jesus' apostles took to become Christians.

Though the majority do not, we choose to faithfully adhere to the pattern laid down by God in the New Testament. We are joyous to share with you the stories of those who have decided to follow Jesus on His terms, as clearly expressed in God's word. You will find that the conversion stories below match those found throughout the New Testament.